The Christmas Offering is a chance to challenge ourselves to give above and beyond our normal tithes and offerings to extend generosity to our neighbors near and far. The funds raised through this offering will be used for:

  • Summer Street Church Online / Meeting the demands and opportunities of being the church and doing ministry in a time of COVID and beyond.

  • Hope House Haiti / Supporting our mission partners who are on the ground loving and caring for orphans and the poor.


We invite you to pray about making a contribution toward our Christmas Offering goal of $25,000. Please read more about the initiatives we are funding together through this offering. Thank you for your generosity!


Though everyone has been impacted by COVID this year in one way or another, the poor have been disproportionately affected. Part of the Christmas Offering will go to support the efforts of our global mission partners at Hope House Haiti. Hope House is home to 38 orphaned children ranging from a few months to young adults in their twenties, all living as a genuine family rooted in love. Hope Christian Academy provides free education to 950 children, health checks, and a hot meal every day, often the only meal the children will get that day.

According to our friends on the ground in Haiti, the economic impact there has been significant this year. The U.S. dollar value has dropped by nearly 50%. In order to pay their teachers, buy food, and operate they are needing to double their outside financial support. By contributing to the Summer Street Church Christmas Offering you will be helping to provide food and a toy to every child being served by Hope House Haiti.


In the Spring of 2020, normal ministry at Summer Street Church, like everywhere else, was interrupted by the dangerous spread of COVID 19. Since then, in order to help slow the spread of the virus and in an effort to love our neighbors as ourselves, Summer Street has toggled between meeting in person and meeting remotely for worship on Sunday mornings since the pandemic began.

Like many churches, Summer Street was not equipped to worship online. Our first services were streamed from a propped up, borrowed iPhone in the church balcony. To our delight, hundreds of people began worshipping with us online week after week. Over a 30 day period, it is not uncommon for our church services to be viewed 2,500 times or more.


In an unexpected way, we feel as though we’ve been given the opportunity to reach thousands of people all over the world with the gospel message of Jesus. In order to steward this opportunity, we must invest in the necessary equipment that will enable us to do so effectively. By contributing to the Christmas Offering you will be supporting a new kind of missionary effort that will continue long after COVID has gone.

The generous will themselves be blessed,
    for they share their food with the poor. - Proverbs 22:9


Thank you for your generosity! We invite you to pray about making a contribution through our 2020 Christmas Offering.

Look at what God is doing! Though we've surpassed our goal, let's keep giving. Who knows what God has in store for us or what God wants to do through this offering in 2021.

GOAL: $25,000

Received: $38,880

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